The similarities of Holy Koran with Old and New Testament

Philip K. Hitti (1996) mentioned about the similarities of Holy Koran with Old and New Testament in his book "The Arabs: A Short History". He believes that during the Mohammad's (puh) age there was no book to follow for Arab people as like Christian and Jews and that was the main reason for Mohammad (puh) to bring the Koran. As we know that Mohammad (puh) was illiterate, then how it was possible for him to produce the Koran? Read Now

Muslims believe in Jesus Christ (Isa) and Moses (Musa). Is there any physical proof that they existed?

Muhammad_JesusThere are many physical evidences that Muslims’ prophet Muhammad existed. Muslims believe that the Qur'an was revealed from God to Muhammad. In the Qur'an, there are many stories about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and Moses.

Is there any physical proof that they existed? Read Now


Novartis Bangladesh: Pharmaceutical Marketplace Analysis

Novertis LogoIn this report Novartis current operations in Bangladesh are analysed. PESTEL analysis used to examine few significant factors of external environment and discussed how they influence the Novartis. At the end of the report couple of recommendations is provided for Novartis’s current and future strategies and operations in Bangladesh...
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RYANAIR: Analysing the Marketing Strategy and the Service Management

Ryanair_imageRyanair is Europe’s largest low-cost airline. The aim of this report is to highlight the current service culture problem within Ryanair by using gap analysis model and recommend why these need to be urgently addressed. It recommends the organisational actions needed for its culture and corporate communication changes to re-position it as customer-focused airline. This report also outlines the plan to re-launch the Ryanair as a new and improved customer-centric by using the elements of extended marketing mix. At the end it provides an overview of significant benefits of applying recommended actions. Read Now


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